ALL students must complete an Emergency Contact Form AND Student Directory Information Form. Both are available in the clinic or below in English and Spanish. 

Medications and forms will be accepted starting at Open House, Saturday August 5th 2017. 

Visiting the Clinic

Procedures to visit the clinic:

  • In non-emergency situations, a pass is necessary. A teacher will make out a pass to the clinic to be given to the nurse.
  • If a student feels sick at any time, she/he should ask for permission to go to the clinic.

General information on medication for parents:

  • Only medication that is prescribed by a physician will be administered to students and only in the clinic.
  • A physician's order must accompany all medications to be given during the school day, including over-the-counter drugs.
  • A parent note is also required, stating the name of medication, dose and time to be administered.
  • With proper physician and parent permission, the nurse may authorize a student to carry asthma inhaler medication.
  • Prescribed life-saving emergency medication, such as an epi-pen, will be carried by the student, if responsible, or by a staff member to recess, P. E., and on field trips.
  • Appropriate forms are available from the nurse or on this page for you convenience. You can download, fill in, print, sign, and hand in forms to the main office.


If you are able to print the forms listed above, please use these steps to complete and return them to school. If you are unable to pint these forms, you can pick up pre-printed forms from the clinic on campus at any time. 

1. Open the form you want to complete (you can download or save it to your computer, but it will only save a blank form even after you type the information in; be sure to print the form as soon as you complete it). If you do save the blank form, save it in a location you can find easily. Save the PDF to your desktop or your "documents" folder to make things simple. (Remeber to take note of where you saved the file).

2. Go to your file and open the PDF. If your computer can't find a program to open the PDF, you'll need to download a free PDF reader. While Acrobat Reader is the most common, there are a few options. Once the program is installed, open the PDF. (If you have an advance copy of a PDF program, you might be able to save the fillable form, but this is very rare.)

3Click the "Highlight Existing Fields" to view all fillable fields in the document if the fields are not already highlighted. Click on a highlighted field; your cursor will change appearance and you can type into a field. Pressing "Tab" will move the cursor from field to field. You can press the space bar key to mark a check box. 

4PRINT the completed PDF immediately; remember that MOST computers will only save a blank copy of the form.  

5. Be sure to have all forms signed by appropriate people (doctors, parents, students, etc.).

6.  Please bring your printed and signed forms to the main office. All forms must be submitted to the nurse ASAP!