Access Launchpad from home

Access Launchpad from home
Posted on 03/25/2020
Access Launchpad from home

Accessing Student Resources on a Home PC

1. If you do not already have the Chrome browser, download it from and install it.

2. Click on the icon of the person at the upper-right of the screen.

Chrome User Icon
3. Click +Add

4. Enter a name on the Add person screen.

Add person

5. Click
Already a Chrome user? Sign in. 

6. Enter the student’s email address and click the Next button. 

7. Enter the student’s password and click the Next button. 

8. Once logged in, LaunchPad should automatically pop up.  Sign into LaunchPad and you are ready to go. 

9. When the student is done working, click on the person icon again and switch back to the parent’s identity.