"Brainbooster" Packets

"Brainbooster" Packets
Posted on 07/20/2018
Graphic of Summer Brainbooster Packets

If your child is able to complete our summer learning packet, AKA the "Brainbooster" Packet, they will be setting themselves up for success in the upcoming school year.  Packets include reading, writing, and math activities that will give them an academic edge. Additionally, if students complete and turn in their Brainbooster Packet at the very beginning of the school year, they will be invited to attend the Brainbooster Party!

Pre-K to Kindergarten: Click Here

Kindergarten to 1st Grade: Click Here

1st Grade to 2nd Grade: Click Here

2nd Grade to 3rd Grade: Click Here

3rd Grade to 4th Grade: Click Here

4th Grade to 5th Grade: Click Here