Box Top Totals!

Box Top Totals!
Posted on 03/07/2019
Thank you for ClippingPinewoods has collected, with the help of PTO and our generous families, a grand total of $542.70 through Box Tops! This quantity was collected October through January.

Our winter class collection winners were from Ms. Sweat’s class. They earned themselves a popcorn party! The top three classes were:

1st place: Sweat (2nd) 784
2nd place: Alvarez (2nd) 428
3rd place: Incorvia (K) 238

A BIG thank you goes out to Courtney Satkoski and family as they turned in over 40 collection sheets!

PTO will hold one more collection before the end of the school year. PTO sent out a “mega collection sheet” last week. 

Thank you for continuing to collect!