Car Ramp Procedures

Pinewoods’ Car Ramp Procedures

Morning Drop Off

Students may be dropped off at 7:25, and only when a Pinewoods’ staff member is on the car ramp. In the mornings, we have a single drop off lane. Parents will utilize our supervised student drop off lane and children will walk to class by themselves. Staff and safety patrols will monitor the halls and assist when needed. Parents are welcomed to park and walk their students to the black gates, using the crosswalk. Students may not walk up without an adult. Please help us move the car line more efficiently by:

• Pulling up as far as you can before allowing your child to exit
• Ensuring your child is ready to go – shoes on, backpack ready, etc.
• Having your child seated on the passenger side of the vehicle

We are there to assist your children in safely exiting your vehicles. No need to wait on us if your child is capable of getting out on his/her own.

Afternoon Pick Up

Students are seated in the front of the school by grade level. Older siblings will join their youngest siblings. Students are expected to sit quietly and move to the designated cone when their name and cone number is called. We run a two-lane dismissal procedure.
Parents are to remain in their vehicles in a dismissal lane with a required 2018-2019 Pinewoods car tag displayed on the dashboard. Please fill in your child(ren)’s name (s) and grade level(s) using a bold, black marker. These will be provided to custodial parents on Meet Your Teacher Night and more can be requested through the front office. Please don’t be offended that without a tag, we will be unable to put students in your vehicle. Instead, you will need to park and go into the office with your ID to pick up your child. If someone besides the custodial parent is picking up a child, it is the parent’s responsibility to either pass along his/her car tag or request an additional tag. This is not meant as an inconvenience, rather as another measure to keep all students safe. A staff member will escort students to their vehicles. Once your child is in your vehicle, please remove the car tag from your dashboard, this will help us know when all cars are ready to move. Please stay parked and in your lane until signaled to exit.

Please do not park and walk up or call for your child to come to your vehicle. Children will not be permitted to leave campus in this manner.

We greatly appreciate your cooperation and patience!